The Water Solutions Network was founded in 2017 by Coro Northern California, DIG IN, and Water Education for Latino Leaders (WELL) with sponsorship from the S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation.

Our commitment is to expand the understanding of California’s water management field and increase awareness of the diverse perspectives and goals of water stakeholders.

We believe that collaborative leadership approaches create the most lasting solutions to the challenging issues we face. Giving water leaders the skills, knowledge, and networks to support collaboration and coalition-building is vital to our state's ability to manage for and lead through water extremes including flooding, drought, and fire.

Independently, our organizations have worked for decades to grow the leadership capacity of Californians and to enhance knowledge sharing in a diversity of fields including water management. The Water Solutions Network represents an exciting way to weave our deep experience together in service of California's water future.

Coro is a nonpartisan, nonprofit focused on helping people work and lead across differences. Since 1947, we have provided more than 11,000 program graduates nationwide with the skills, knowledge, and networks to collaborate and accelerate positive change. Participants in our experiential leadership development programs span sectors, political parties, backgrounds, ages, and geographies.

DIG IN is a Bay Area-based catalyst serving networks, coalitions, communities, and organizations in California and nationally. DIG IN provides a range of tools and techniques for creating healthier places: fostering citizen and institutional awareness of environmental and social equity issues, building effectiveness through leadership training, facilitation, and conflict resolution; and in the design and support of collaborative networks and partnerships focused on systemic change.

The S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation envisions a productive, vibrant, and sustainable California that is a model of success and a source of innovation. The Foundation’s Board of Directors decided to invest all of its assets by 2020, and this decision reflects a commitment to identifying lasting solutions for education and the environment. Over the past ten years, the Foundation has supported efforts to ensure that California meets the water needs of people and nature – now, and for future generations.