Effective water management is vital to the economy, ecology, and well-being of 21st century California. Decision-makers today face issues ranging from an aging infrastructure to persistent water quality problems, and the complexity of these issues is compounded by climate change.

Over the next ten years, California will make decisions that critically define our ability to manage water through extreme hydrological conditions. Now more than ever, the state needs leaders who can cross boundaries, connect resources, and choose bold action that serves California’s communities, farms, and nature.

The Water Solutions Network seeks to empower these leaders and their organizations. The Network will connect and support individuals who value engaging all stakeholders and bridging differences to generate new solutions. The first cohort of 24 people met in April 2018 to discuss how to use their individual and collective creativity, energy, and resources to tackle our most pressing water challenges. 


Interested in being part of a future Water Solutions Network cohort or know someone who would be a great fit? 

Water Solutions Network Participant Profile: Requirements and Criteria